Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
The information that Colour Something Creative collects on its customers include name, address (home and office), email, website.

Accountability. The privacy officer of Colour Something Creative is the partner Mary Greenlees. The responsibility of the privacy officer is to respond to enquiries, complaints, update information, understanding the legislation.

Purpose. Information is gathered from clients for the following purposes:
to refer business to the individual
to generate an invoice

Consent. Consent is obtained from each client verbally.

Limit Collection. Data collected is used to generate invoices.

Limit Use, Disclosure & Retention. Information gathered is retained in software, FileMaker Pro and is on one computer owned by Colour Something Creative. Hard copies are retained in one filing cabinet in a home based office. The file cabinet is locked when not in use. Information is deleted upon withdrawal from business contact. Only Colour Something Creative has access to information gathered. Information will be destroyed by hard drive deletion upon request of the client.

Accuracy. Information is gathered verbally by the client for job or billing purposes.
Safeguards. The electronic database is password protected. The filing cabinet in the home office of Colour Something Creative is locked when not in use. The Macintosh computer system has firewall and virus protection. Only one person has access to the information and no unauthorized parties can access information.

Transparency. The privacy policy of Colour Something Creative is published on the website at It is also filed electronically on her computer and in hard copy in her filing system.

Access. Any client or vendor can request information through email or telephone or to Mary at 705 737-1920. Or email: The information will be confirmed within reasonable time, no longer than 5 working days.

Recourse. To find resolution to a complaint, approach first the privacy officer of Colour Something Creative. Should that prove unsatisfactory, individuals can contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, 112 Kent St., Ottawa, ON K1A 1H3.